05th Jul 2013

Judi Castro~

Judi Castro~ Award winning Reflexology and Celebrity Massage Therapist. All my massages are intuitively customized to your needs. We build a healing session that heals at the cellular level of...

05th Jul 2013

Reflexology Benefits

Assists with: • Arthritis • Back Pain • Blood Pressure • Digestive disorders • Hormonal imbalances • Migraine headaches • Muscle tightness • Sleep disorders • Sports injuries • Stress-related...

01st Jul 2013


Reflexology is the study, art, and science of applying specific touch techniques to the Feet, Hands, and outer Ears where theory suggests there is a pressure map resembling a shape...

01st Jul 2013

Reach JC Reflexology Healing at

(818) 512-4519 or jcreflexologyhealing@gmail.com Servicing the Areas of Studio City, near Universal City Studios Mondays & Wednesdays located in 11318 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California 91604 and Monterey Bay, California

05th Jun 2013

Facts & Studies

* One in five Americans have had a massage from a massage therapist in the past five years and 13% report receiving one in the past year. This is up...