Judi Castro~

Judy CastroJudi Castro~
Award winning Reflexology and Celebrity Massage
Therapist. All my massages are intuitively customized to your needs. We build a healing session that heals at the cellular level of all your bodies (mental, physical and emotional). My clients love my work and walk away in a blissful, relaxed healed state of being. In this day and age of stress and uncertainty, receive a rejuvenating session that will uplift you so that you can function perfectly. Receive Real Reflexology by a Certified
Reflexologist with Transmutive Therapy (Acquarian recalibration of Reiki) and Massage added into your session.
Reach Us at:
(818) 512-4519 or jcreflexologyhealing@gmail.com
Servicing the Areas of Studio City and Monterey Bay, California

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