~Accompaniment of scented candles, heated aromatherapy wrap,
aromatherapy oils and lotions and music of your choice are included in all sessions~

MassageTherapy290Reflexology, which is the study, art, and science of applying specific touch techniques to the Feet, Hands, and outer Ears where theory suggests there is a pressure map resembling a shape of the Human Body. By applying nurturing touch in specific ways, a wide range of health benefits have been reported.  Love even a subpar foot rub?  Try a full hour of above par treatment to just your feet, hands and ears! Reflexology is not only a great feeling foot session, it also helps stimulate energy movement throughout your entire body.  So sit back and kick up your heels!  
Don’t want the full hour?  Try adding half that to any full-length treatment:
30 min…$40    60 min…$80        75 min…$90        90 min…$100        120 min…$140





The Reflexo-Massage
This full-body bliss melds reflexology, light, medium or deep massage, Transmutive Therapy techniques to relax, detox, enhance blood & lymph flow, and improve daily function of your most important transporter: your body.
60 min…$80      75 min…$90       90 min…$100       120 min…$140







The Restructure (Deep Tissue/Sports)

Using deep tissue, sports massage and stretching techniques, it is possible to change tissue and improve the rate of healing when injuries—both recent and chronic—hold you back. A touch of Reflexology is also used in this massage.
60 min…$90        75 min…$100        90 min…$120        120 min…$140








Pregnant times call for pregnant measures. Using Reflexology and massage, and proper positioning, this massage is for the mom-to-be. Focus is on areas of stress—like low-back pain and poor leg circulation. Go ahead, pamper yourself. When you’re happy and relaxed, baby is too.   60 min…$80         75 min…$90         90 min…$100         120 min…$140







Transmutive Therapy

An Acquarian recalibration of Reiki, which is a Japanese light-touch technique that promotes healing of physical, mental and emotional dis-eases—a word, when broken down, simply means “the state of being not at ease”. It encourages the proper flow and abundance of “Ki”—the Japanese term for the energy that gives life to all living things. Using a mantle of crystals and powerful symbols raises Reiki to an ultimate, blissful experience. 60..min…$85






Hot Stone

The use of river rocks for healing is an ancient Japanese ritual. These smooth, flat basalt stones are heated to just the right temperature before being placed along key energy centers of the body. The stones are also used like “hot palms” to massage tension from the body, bringing the benefits of deep tissue work without the intense pressure.
60 min…$85           75 min…$95            90 min…$105





JCReflexologyHealing_The Flocco MethodThe Flocco Method Integrating Foot Hand Ear Reflexology is an approach to reflexology that shows how to use all three reflexology maps – those on the feet, on the hands and on the outer ears – to get far greater results than when working on any one of them by themselves, such as just using foot reflexology.

During more than 25 years of pioneering the integration of foot, hand and ear reflexology at the American Academy of Reflexology it was discovered that a new body of knowledge has expanded the field of reflexology.


  • Integration Principle #1. Working with any one of the three reflex maps – the feet, hands or ears – can bring good results.
  • Integration Principle #2. Working with all three reflex maps – the feet, hands and ears, during the same Reflexology session brings better results.
  • Integration Principle #3. Working with the “7 Principles of Integration” – how to integrate working on the feet, hands and ear reflex maps, during the same session – gives the best results. The results of knowing how to most effectively integrate foot, hand and ear Reflexology into the same Reflexology session results in people getting better sooner, the benefits lasting longer, and people reporting remarkably better results.

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